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Come bet on your team's heart with MustacheCoin and Fanaticos Betting.

MustacheCoin MUSTA

Brazilian Cryptocurrency

A unused currency in a specific case, without a defined roadmap, we will just be the new meme of cryptocurrencies. Conceived and created by a group of non-profit people. Where the biggest goal is to turn MUSTA into something funny and let everyone know the funny world of cryptocurrencies.


Type = POS
Name: MustacheCoin
Ticker: MUSTA
MAX_MONEY = 500000000
PRE_MONEY = 35000000
Block time: ~2 Minutes
Staking maturity: 2 Hours
Mined maturity: 15 blocks
TX maturity: 20 blocks
Algorithm: Scrypt PoW/PoS
PoS staking: Variation Min 195% - Max 500%
PoW/POS reward: Variation Min 50
Max 1000 MUSTA per block
PoW blocks: 150
Port: 21611
rpcPort: 21612


To have your first MUSTA it's simple and fun just be part of the community, be active and create a meme and spread the currency then join our group telegram and show it to the administrators.